Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here I am.
A week into a two year journey, in a place that I love, among a people my heart is broken for.

And I'm frustrated.

From the get go, things have not exactly gone according to plan.
And not necessarily in a bad way, but not in a good way.

There is tons of isolation in this place. Inside of YWAM and outside of it. So much transition, so many people leaving and coming. So much change. As I child, I feared change and wanted everything to always stay the same. Now, it's a part of my everyday life. Berlin is different than I remember, and what I mean by that, is it seems like just as life changes in seasons, so does the atmosphere. At least here. Summer brings in many tourists, and here I am sitting at Starbucks in Hakescher Markt, appearing to be one of them. But I come with higher calling than to simply sight-see.

We are waiting on more staff to come today. People I'll be spending a lot of time with, people that will become my closest friends.

Currently, we are all just waiting to go to Austria on Sunday for a week long YWAM conference. It'll be a time to learn and grow together. And it sounds like I'll get to drive on the autobahn. Should be fun. I really do hope that it brings us all closer together and gets rid of any division that Satan would like to implement into our team.

In fact, I know that's why the Lord has me here. To test me and try me; to get me out of my comfort zone. To build community here in a place where community is only a rumor that one hears of along the grapevine.
God is showing me how much I need Him, and how much we, as the body of Christ, need each other.

The illustration of the body has never been more real to me.

I see how so many times our churches are just piles of limbs with no ligaments or connection. And my friends, we all know that needs to change. A good friend once told me, as one who sees the need for change, I am now responsible to change it. I wholeheartedly agree with that now.

Listening to some of the staff and former staff that have been here longer than me, and staffed my school last year, I feel like the the Lord has imparted some discernment and wisdom into me. I, however, am foolish and tend to easily forget that wisdom.

I need God, like the trees need the rain. I need God, like a fire needs wood to burn.

He is the only thing that is going to sustain me in this time.
So, if you all don't mind praying for me, please pray for wisdom. For intimacy. For willingness to be the difference that needs to happen, as well as to speak it. Pray for unity among us at YWAM, and only speaking the best about each other. We need each other, and I'm talking about you and I. We are the body, even though we are spread through out nations. We are the body.

My expectations do not line up with what is here. But. I know I'm supposed to be here. And God has plans.

On a more logistical side of things, I made a video for the next dts which I mostly shot (a guy from the states named Erik shot some as well) and I completely edited.

here it is

So. Vienna awaits on Sunday. You'll more after then.

Bis bald.

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  1. You`ll find your Way, you´re a cool guy. Nice video: I love it. You´re really creative. Good to have you here. IN BERLIN!
    Greetings from Marcus!